Al Ain Airshow, UAE, 26th Jan'08

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UAE AF Caravan - the only military plane in sight, for parachute dropping.

BA Concorde back in the skies. What a truly magnificent sight...

...if only it wasn't a huge jet powered radio controlled model...!

A Red Bull Hawk - without pilot shows again its radio controlled!

The 2008 aerobatics competition had a few more competitors, from France, Spain, Russia, Italy, UK to name a few

and the winner of the US$50,000

Ali Ozturk from Turkey in his Pitts Special

Pilatus had their PC-21 here again

Mikael Carlson from Sweden in his Tummelisa (it's over 70years old)
South African Wizards - 2x Pitts & 2x Extras. Nice routines flown, then the pitts land (whilst the extras display) They load parachutists and remove the cock pit canopies... and then they climb to altitude. The extras leave and the pitts roll inverted and the parachuists drop out..! Just amazing, never seen it done before...! They then fly by to show no canopies on the a/c...!

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