Amsterdam (Schipol) International Airport, 25th May'05

3 Northwest, Singapore, Eva & a KLM on one pier, early morning

KLM B777-200 the main reason we went was to see their 10 new 777's, here is PH-BQK

Gerogian Airlines B737-500

Singapore Airlines B777-200

VLM Fokker 50, runs a service to London City Airport

KLM Asia B747-400 still in the old colours.

CSA Czech Airlines A320

Yak-42 departing, a private jet, with a Transaero B767 outside KLM maintainence

B777-200 PH-BQC this time

Northwest A330-300 these look lovely, pity wasn't sunny at this moment in time

KLM B737-400 new colours

Kalitta Cargo B747-200F

Transavia B737-800 with winglets fitted, but in partial colours only

Syrian Airlines A320 arrives from Damascuss

KLM B767-300 in new colours arrives at it's gate

Surinam Airlines B747-300 A first of an airline for me, but I think they only have one 747..!

Emirates Sky Cargo B747-400F operated by Atlas Air

Cathay Pacific A340-300 bound for Hong Kong

B777-200 PH-BQF now. We saw 8 out of 10...not bad..!

KLM B747-400 new colours

KLM MD11 in old colours

Malev B737-800

Northwest DC-10 in old (and very faded) colours

Nippon Cargo B747-200F

RAM Royal Air Maroc B737-700

KLM B747-400F the other reason to go was to get these, sadly we saw 1 out of 3

Transavia B737-800 in full colours this time

Pulkovo Tu154 arrives from St Petersburg. Nice to see & hear a Russian a/c again

KLM B737-800 new colours

TAP Air Portugal A320 in their new colours.... will grow on me I think

KLM B737-900 (yes, even longer version) new colours

PGA Portugalia Airlines Fokker 100

Martinair B767-300 in their lovely new colours

Northwest DC10 in new colours

Martinair MD11 in old colours

Kenyan B777-200 in a lovely new colour scheme

KLM MD11 new colours is pulled onto it's gate. Looks like this a/c has just come from the paint shiny

Martinair A320 still in their old colours

Northwest DC10 old colurs next to an A330 in new colours. what a contrast!

Ethiopian B757 leave through the heat haze layer

KLM Cityhopper Fokker 50


Meridiana A319

Swiss Saab 2000 still in old Crossair colours

Another Fokker 50 in the evening sunlight from the end of D pier



Dave Jefferys 2005