Bangkok International Airport, 14th & 16th Jan'06

Sat 14th Jan was "Childrens Day" in Thailand. This meant that the military side of the airport was open, with access close to the shorter runway, mainly used for landings, The problem was FOG....! We weren't able to see anything hardly before 0900, but then it was a great day out. Thanks to "Knot & Prompong" in BKK for all of their help & info, that enabled me to get there on the right day...! We spent the whole day, 0730-1645, on the ramp. The temperature was 35c, and I was amongst spotters & photographers from Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and of course lots from Thailand, who really make you feel welcome. Here goes with the shots:

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HS-GAA Cessna Caravan
1st proper departure as the fog lifted, in colours of a bee....!

HA-LOC B737-800 Malev
Budapest to Bangkok, long way from home....!

9V-TAB A320 Tiger Airways
One of 3 low cost airlines from Singapore that visit BKK

9M-AAP B737-300 Air Asia Malaysian branch of Air Asia, and a special colour scheme to promote "Now everyone can fly"

A7-ACC A330-200 Qatar A/W Arriving from Doha, just touching down 9/10 for a gentle landing...!

HS-PGO B717 Siem Reap Air   Who is actually Bangkok Airways, each a/c depicts a different Royal Palace "Angkor"

A4O-LE A340-300 Gulf Air  Arriving from Bahrain, sporting new titles to advertise the Bahrain F1 Grand Prix 2006 (Just love these colours)

B-5095 B737-700 China Eastern
One of the many flights to China that appear each day

VT-AIH A310-300 Air India

HZ-APF MD-90 Saudi Arabian A/W


D-ALPA A330-200 LTU
Longhaul arrival from Germany full of towel placing tourists no doubt    ;-)

JA-8132 B747-200F Japan A/L
A very nice firm touchdown from this freighter

B-HSI A320 Dragonair

HS-AAU B737-300 Air Asia
"Solatron" is one of the Air Asia Thailand branch logo-jets

9V-SYH B777-300 Singapore A/L
There are many many large a/c that fly between BKK & SIN daily

B-2352 A320 China Southern

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