Bangkok International Airport, 11 & 12 May 2005

Thai Army Beech1900 departing

Thai Airways B747 in new colours

"One Two Go" B757, with a Thai AF HS748 waiting

Thai B747 in old & new colours

Indian Airlines A320 departing

Singapore Airlines B777-200

Cathay B777-300

Thai Airways MD-11

Siem Reap Air Atr-72, all their a/c appear in different colours

China Airlines B747-400

Gulf Air A340 still in old colours

Another Siem Reap Air Atr-72

US Marines C-12 departing (Military golf course between the runways clearly visible...!)

Japan Airlines B747-200 (years since I saw a -200 of theirs!)

Nok Air (Thai no thrills division) B737-400. Nok means "Bird" hence the parrot colours!

Thai Airways A330-300

Phuket Air B737-200, still wears basic "Metro Jet" colours from it's previous airline

Thai A330-300 still wearing "APEC 2003" titles, must be due to be-repainted soon

Japan Airlines B747-300 this time...!

Tiger Airways A320, a no thrills airline from Singapore

Nippon Cargo B747-200F

Nok Air B737-400 in the other colour scheme (pity the beak had suffered a nose cone change)

Another Siem Reap Atr-72

Thai Airways B777-200

Thai Sky Airlines, new airline in BKK with very old Tri-Star's

Phuket Air B757

Cathay A330-300 waits on the right runway, for a Thai A300 to land on the left

PB Air & Nok Air give way to allow us to line up on the right runway



PB Air ERJ next for take off behind us

We are ready to roll, after the Thai A300 crosses ahead of us



Dave Jefferys 2005