Bangkok International Airport, 14th Jan'06

Sat 14th Jan was "Children's Day" in Thailand. This meant that the military side of the airport was open, with access close to the shorter runway, mainly used for landings, The problem was FOG....! We weren't able to see anything hardly before 0900. So many of the civil airlines, whose a/c had diverted away, requested the airport cancel the flying displays at the airshow, to allow time for their schedules to catch up. So, no flying displays, but some good Military a/c there. Here goes with the shots:

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60301 Hs748 Thai A/F
Look how bad the fog is... 0730 visibility under 100 meters

42079 PC-6 T.Porter Thai A/F
There are three there honest

8973 Cessna172 Thai A/F
One of the many pilot school trainers

60443 CT-4 Thai A/F
These are built in new Zealand...!

210 PC-9 Thai A/F
Even these sized a/c were hard to get a clean shot of, as no barriers round the a/c

60221 A319 Thai A/f
The Government VIP jets carry civil registration too HS-TYR

10208 F-16c Thai A/F
The fast jets had kind of barriers round them, but were still too close to fit the a/c in

91692 F-5F Thai A/F
Sky started to brighten and fog started to lift.....

60106 C-130 Thai A/F
Parked in a line of Herc's, with a scruffy Phuket Air B747 behind (it wasn't in service though)

75-1077 C-130 Japanese!!!
My first Japanese Defence Force Hercules...nice visitor

Line up of 5 C-130 Hercules'

60101 C-130 Thai A/F
Visibility started to improve as you can see

365406 Let-39 Thai A/F
People everywhere, all wanting their photos by the planes...

23114 Alphajet Thai A/F
As you can see, as time went on, it became harder to get a photo

42079 PC-6 T.Porter Thai A/F
in much lighter conditions...!

Military variety...!
3x Turbo Porters, HS748, USAF B757 & Thai A310 tail in the rear

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