Bluebell Railway, 18th & 24th Dec'06
Again, all of these were taken whilst working on the "P-Way" gang during the busy "Santa Special" season for the railway.

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Sunday 18th Dec'06 - working on the line between Sheffield Park & Horsted Keynes, near freshfield bank, on a freezing cold, but sunny morning:

First thing, ice on the ground, and 75027 runs up to Horsted Keynes... collect it's set of carriages for the day as a "Santa Special" with the early sunlight making a superb photo

The P-Way gang set about warming themselves up and jacking & packing track joints on the bend

75027 as a complete train this time, a little later on in the morning, heading for Horsted Keynes

80151 passing under Caseford Bridge...

...southbound to Sheffield Park

80151 again, later in the day...

...leaving Horsted Keynes for Sheffield Park

34028 "Eddystone" is a loan engine...

...seen approaching the 3 arch bridge towards Horsted Keynes

Great to see another West Country engine on the Bluebell full steam again

Sunday 24th Dec'06 - working on the line between Horsted Keynes & Kingscote, near Dean's Crossing,  but the weather was not anywhere as nice:

80151 with the first northbound santa special on Christmas eve...

...and a long shot, as they head southbound from Kingscote...

...passing over deans Crossing

75027 heading to Kingscote

and 65 going the same way...

...and 34028 the 4th up train pulled by Eddystone

Please do click here to visit The Bluebell Railway website, it's full of great photos and all sorts of info about the loco's, rolling stock, buildings and everything about the railway.

I have added links to the relevant Loco's websites below that I have featured here.

Eddystone, No.34028
Class: West Country
Wheels: 4-6-2
Built: 1946
Website Link
BR Standard 4,

Class: 4MT
Wheels: 4-6-0
Built: 1952
Website Link
  SER Stirling 0-6-0 No.65
Class: O1
Wheels: 0-6-0
Built: 1896
Website Link
BR Standard 4 tank
No. 80151
Class: 4MT
Wheels: 2-6-4T
Website Link

Dave Jefferys 2006