The Bluebell Railway, "Thomas & Friends", 24th Jun'06
I didn't go into the station area this year, but went to a couple of track side locations to try and get a couple of different views of passing trains, but when I saw "No.1638" again, I had to go and get a few more photos.....!

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"Fenchurch Special" rounding the bend towards me heading down to Sheffield Park

A double header made up of the little tank engine No.672 Fenchurch & No.65

"Bluebell Express" being pulled uphill to Horsted Keynes the mighty "Blackmoor Vale"

Beautiful Southern Railways engine, the first steam train I ever rode on, years ago...!

"Fenchurch Special" again approaching Horsted Keynes this time, panoramic style view...!

A good comparison of the differences in size of the two engines

"Stepney Special" another double header of No.55 Stepney & No.75027 just left Horsted Keynes for Sheffield Park

Stepney- The "Bluebell" Engine as featured in the Rev.W.Awdry book
(no18- and yes I still have my copy)

"Wealdon Rambler" pulled No.1638 towards Horsted Keynes

This Loco re-entered service on 18th Feb'06, after 42years and 37days away....!
(panoramic type view)

"Wealdon Rambler" loading passengers at Horsted Keynes...

...and setting off up hill towards Kingscote

"Percy" reverses out from Horsted Keynes, alongside No.1638,  whistling madly to all the children....!

No.1638 heading up the long drag towards Kingscote

Please do click here to visit The Bluebell Railway website, it's full of great photos and all sorts of info about the loco's, rolling stock, buildings and everything about the railway. Special pages of note, are details of the ongoing track expansion, north of Kingscote, to East Grinsted.
I have added links to the relevant Loco's websites below that I have featured here.

SER Stirling 0-6-0 No.65
Class: O1
Wheels: 0-6-0
Built: 1896
Website Link
No.672 "Fenchurch"
Class: A1 Wheels: 0-6-0T
Built: 1872
Website Link
SR U-class, No.1638
Class: U
Wheels: 2-6-0
Built: 1931
Website Link
SR Bulleid Light Pacific, "Blackmoor Vale"
Class: West Country
Wheels: 4-6-2
Built: 1946
Website Link
LBSCR Stroudley Terrier, No.55 "Stepney"
Class: A1X
Wheels: 0-6-0T
Built: 1875
Website Link
BR Standard, No.75027
Class: 4MT
Wheels: 4-6-0
Built: 1952
Website Link

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