Bluebell Railway, my first day as part of the "P-Way" working group & Halloween weekend, 29th Oct'06
The P-Way stands for "Permanent Way" and is a group of volunteers who work on the tracks, to maintain the line. We started in the 1/2 mile long tunnel, where I learned how to tighten & change track connecting bolts and in the afternoon we walked the line extension towards East Grinstead inspecting the track as we went.

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North end of the tunnel, with 80154 entering the other end.
The P-Way gang and a ghost standing by...!

No 65 pulling the "Skeleton Service" northbound towards Kingscote

No 80154 leaving Horsted Keynes as the "Ghost train" southbound to Sheffield Park
(is actually 80151 re-branded)

The lovely standard 4, 75027 not stopping at Horsted Keynes, pulling the Pullman lunch special as the "Golden Arrow"

80154 shunting round at Kingscote. Number changed temporarily from 80151 for nostalgic reasons

Yes it is a Diesel...! It's here to help save steam engine hours, and works the spoil trains on the extension most days

Horsted Keynes station close to sunset

75027 heads south to Sheffield Park
65 about to arrive at Horsted Keynes with the last train for Kingscote for the Halloween weekend...lovely light..!

1638 about to arrive at Horsted Keynes against a lovely sunset

Please do click here to visit The Bluebell Railway website, it's full of great photos and all sorts of info about the loco's, rolling stock, buildings and everything about the railway.
Special pages of note, are details of the ongoing track expansion, north of Kingscote, to East Grinstead that I have illustrated above.
I have added links to the relevant Loco's websites below that I have featured here.

SR U-class, No.1638
Class: U
Wheels: 2-6-0
Built: 1931
Website Link
BR Standard, No.75027
Class: 4MT
Wheels: 4-6-0
Built: 1952
Website Link
  SER Stirling 0-6-0 No.65
Class: O1
Wheels: 0-6-0
Built: 1896
Website Link
BR Standard 4
No. 80151
Class: 4MT
Wheels: 2-6-4T
Website Link

Dave Jefferys 2006