French Air Force base, Cambrai, 02nd Jul'06
A very hot day, journey made into the middle of rural, Northern France (ok, 135Kms from Calais) for their airshow. Base is home to Mirage 2000's.....but most were tucked into hangars.....!

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Line up of French fast jets, all made by Dassault

Mirage 2000C...

...and another

Mirage 2000N

Mirage 2000D

Navy Rafale

Rafale's HUD & canards

2nd Navy Rafale

Mirage F1a

Mirage F1b - anniversary colours

Danish C-130J Hercules

Two German F4 Phantoms (wish they were flying....!) as not long left in service

Dutch F-16a - looking very freshly painted

Two RAF Jaguar T2's - not long left in service for these either

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