RAF Coltishall, Jaguars needed to be seen before 2 Sqn's disband....!

54F Sqn special coloured a/c getting airborne

Arctic camo'  "GB" getting airborne also

"GR" mission completed lands back home

"ET" a 2 seater lands back and uses a parachute to help it slow down

"GB" returning also

"GU" the other Arctic coloured a/c returns close behind (in the rain)

The 2005 air display a/c going for a practise...

...and arriving back

"GU" launching for an afternoon air-to-air tanking mission


"Yellow" launching for a 7 ship airfield attack practise

"PT" departs for the 7 ship also


"GR" follows for the 7 ship too
"FN" returns from an overseas exercise in Oman



Dave Jefferys 2005