RAF Coltishall 06Apr05, Jaguars and a few guests from inside the base (thanks to a friendly CRO....!)

RAF Coltishall's Gate Guard Jaguar

and inside the main gate is this Hurricane

8 tails on the 6 Sqn ramp, awaiting their next duties in the rain

Another shot of the 8 Jags

This Royal Navy Jetstream made a brief visit, in dull, windy & wet weather

...the skies were about to start clearing as you can see

Jaguar "FW" awaiting it's next mission in the rain. Sidewinders fitted on top of the wings

Jaguar "EN" sitting alongside, different Sqn badges


and Jaguar "EK" too

Lee "Dicky Ticker" shoots Jaguar "FZ" T-Bird at the holding point

Jaguar "FZ" T-Bird on the holding point awaiting departure clearance

Jaguar "FZ" T-Bird lights up the afterburner as it starts it's take off run

Jaguar "FZ" T-Bird departing for a bomb dropping practise mission

Jaguars "EJ" & "FQ" start their pairs departure

Jaguar "FQ" departing as part of the pair, full afterburner

Jaguars "EJ" & "FQ" departing...look at the heat haze..!

Special colours for 6 Sqn anniversary last year

Special colours for 16 (R) Sqn, now disbanded. This was the 2004 airshow jet

Special colours to 41 Sqn for airshows this year

54 Sqn special tail for this year

rear end of a jag, speed brakes & flaps dangling

Two jags outside the AMF hangar

Jaguar "FY" undergoing a major service in AMF, main legs removed

Jaguar "EU" also up on jacks

Jag T-Bird "PT" in it's hangar

The gold tailed Jag taxies back after a mission

Me shooting Jag taxi close up shots....!

A pair of 6 Sqn Jag's taxy for take off

48th Fighter Wing boss, Brig. Gen. Mark Matthews, waves his speed brake as he taxies his F-15E in

This pair of Lakenheath based F-15E Strike Eagles arrived mid afternoon

The pair of LN Eagles were quickly refuelled and left to bask in the sun

Mixed bag on the ramp. Two of the best painted Jags & two 48FW F-15's in the back ground, in sunshine

Yellow 54 Sqn towed outside in the sunshine

The 2 airshow jets for the 2005 season

Golden colours for the airshow Jag for the 2005 season

The other 41 Sqn jet in the sunshine now. Perfect end to a great visit..!

Dave Jefferys 2005