Dubai Airshow, UAE, Tue 22nd & Thu 24th Nov'05. Pictures of static & flying display items, from a hot and dusty DXB airport. Look how the sky changes colours between early afternoon and evening and the two days...!


Egyptian Air Force Chinook - how rare???

UAE AF F-16 static...

...and another flying with a

Boeing test pilot in control.

This is the "T-50 Goldern Eagle"

a new jet from the Republic of Korea

Similar to the F-16, and gave a nice display

Brazilian AF ERJ145 AWACS...! how rare???

CRJ-700 in United Express colours

Mig-29 Fulcrum (newest version!)

RAF Merlin arriving for it's display

Atr-72 Air Madagascar...! How rare again...???

AeroMacchi M346 new light weight trainer & light attack jet

USAF F-15C adds to the heat haze - look how close the tail pipes are to the runway...!

Embrear ERJ190 put on a sporty display for a commercial airliner

Saab Gripen getting airborne

Pakistan AF displayed their K-8 trainer (like our Hawk...!)

Mig displayed their new Mig-29 GTI version... a bright sand camo colours

against grey & blue backgrounds...!

Airbus A380 in Emirates colours, well they have ordered 45 of the super jumbo's...! (although this is a/c no4 which ends up @ Etihad)

Very steep climb out (obviously a lightly loaded a/c) Seemed to leap off of the runway rather than rotate

and on the Thursday, a tight descending turn forming it's own clouds - amazing

Then the usual steep nose down descent to turn for landing - amazing to see this huge a/c do this.....!
Dassault Rafale performing a slow flyby

and a loop against a dark blue sky at the end of the flying display

Dubai Airport, UAE, Tue 22nd & Thu 24th Nov'05. As spotting is strictly a "no no" its a great chance to get photos of anything that moves, whilst on the ramp during the airshow.

Mid flying display, there was a 20min pause each day to allow the afternoon wave of departures, here 5x Emirates  A330's...

followed by B772 & B773...

...and a B744F Sky Cargo...! It's an impressive sight to see so many big boys come and depart in such a short space of time

A340-500 departing for a 16hour flight to Australia

Russian jets abound in DXB still (thankfully) Aria  Air Tu154 arriving

Sky Cargo A310F

Silverback Cargo Airlines DC-8-63 -what a rare sight, an old engine equipped DC-8 from deepest Africa...!

B777-300ER departing, the new beast of the EK fleet

Mudan Airlines An26 departing (based in Uzbekistan)

Fed-Ex Md11F arriving - quite a big operator from the USA...

...along with UPS who use both the B763F...

and the Md11F (both in new colours)

British Gulf Airlines An12 departing

Both the big US cargo giants also leave during the afternoon flying display departures window

Tu204 Mahan Air of Iran use this a/c registered in Egypt



Dave Jefferys 2005