Airborne Airshow @ Eastbourne, on the sea front, 20th Aug'06

Another day trip to the coast. Beautiful and sunny all morning, then as the flying started, clouds started to appear. By the mid point, the weather was quite overcast, with huge black clouds coming closer. It did mean the air was very humid though, many a/c you don't see make clouds, did today....!

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Belgian AF Sea King
This colourful anniversary marked aircraft opened the show properly...

...and made an impressive drop-off & pickup from a lifeboat.

The RAF's Red Arrows
They arrived with patches of blue sky overhead, so a full display was possible

Close look at the pier...?

Great humidity means wing tip streamers

A crossover great catch

Bye bye Red's

RAF Harrier GR9 in the hover
(why - because it can...!)

Utterly Butterly Wing walkers

Girls on top of Boeing Stearmans
(will be in new colours next year)

Belgian AF F-16
Star of the show in my view he popped some flares. Never seen him do this before...

...not even once, but on 3 different passes...!

Shame this was one almost in clouds.

Last one wasn't, and I was just ready to catch the shot...
(Photo of the day)

...great end to a great display!

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