Some of my favourite Military photos (some that I have scanned)  Various years & places..!

The mighty Bear, which actually took part in a RIAT flying display...!

Another 2 time visitor, the Tu-22 Backfire from the Ukraine. Seen departing a dull RAF Cottesmore after RIAT

USAF B1 or a seal ? (2002)

RAAF F-111 dumps fuel & ignites with the afterburners = "Scorching" (RIAT 1993)

Seen departing RIAT'04 is the British Airways B747-400 full of pax back to Heathrow....!

The Bear during its single flypast during a RIAT air display.

We had a whole line of fighters at Cottesmore RIAT, and dull weather!

Another Bear seen taxiing for departure after a weekend at RIAT.


4 USNavy Tomcats taking part in a massed flypast over the south coast, flying from Yoevilton

Mirage IV landing at RAF Cottesmore for RIAT




Dave Jefferys 2005