US Navy A/C Carrier - CVN-75 Harry S Truman, Stokes bay, Portsmouth, 08th Apr'05

View from the bow of the mighty HST

F-18 Hornets "406" & "407" of the US Navy VFA-105 Gunslingers

F-14 Tomcat "00" of the US Navy VF-32 Swordsmen

F-18 Hornet "200" of the US Marines VMFA-115

S-3 Viking of the VS-22, Bridge of CVN-75 & 2x H-60 helicopter rotor heads just visible too

E-2 Hawkeye "600" of VAW-126

EA-6 Prowler "500" of VAQ-130

EA-6 Prowlers & S-3 Vikings
HST CVN-75 side on view



Dave Jefferys 2005