Las Vegas, Mcarran  International Airport, 10th to 14th Nov'06

Viva Las Vegas...! Various timings over the long weekend to try and get different airlines and different lighting, whilst staying locally for the Nellis Air Show. Some great spots for photography, dependant on which runways are in use...with varying backgrounds...!

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N739AL B737 Aloha A/L
Long way to Hawaii in a 737..!

N334SW B733 Southwest
One of the "Shamu" logo jets advertising Sea World parks

N934FR A320 Frontier
Every jet has a different animal

N806SC B738 Sun Country

N501NW B752 Northwest

N788AS B734 Alaska A/L

N643SW B733 Southwest
The new blue colours and the Mandalay Bay hotel on the strip

N902AW B752 America West
"Coast to Coast" special colours

F-OHPL A343 Phillipene A/L
Just before sunset some different operators can be seen...!

N682FE A300F FedEx

HL7714 B772 Korean Air
A surprise for me to see this beauty

N708SW B737 Southwest
With winglets, but still in old colours as the sun sets

N732SW B737 Southwest
New colours & winglets and just great light...!

N676AS MD80 Alaska A/L

N175AW B733 America West
Won't be long before these colours vanish...

N654AW A320 US Airways
America West & US Airways' new colours after the merger

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