Le Bourget, Paris Airshow (flying display a/c), Tuesday 14th Jun'05 !

Mirage 2000 of the French Air Force

DC-10 Fire bomber demo, shower anyone?

Emb175 taxies for display

Emb195 follows the 175, smaller sister. FlyBe announced a massive order of over 30, hence the titles...!
The very agile Eurocopter Tiger.

Indian Aerospace IJT new jet trainer taxies out (see the 3 airbus' in the background)

The IJT comes in to land, looks unusual and seems very lacking in the power department

A318 leads the 3 Airbus family jets out for their individual displays

A340-600 taxies out in turn

A380 close up, it's truly HUGE...!

A380 from below, look at the droop on the wings, amazing!

What a massive tail

A380 with people below the winglet, just to compare the size...!

The mighty A380 taxying out as the tiny A318 starts it's display

The next a/c to display is the A340-600, it's not a small a/c...!

Close up showing all the customer companies so far...surely the list will grow quicker now...!


A380 ready as the A340-600 passes overhead

A380 displays, still so new, not allowed to retract the gear unless straight & level for 30seconds

Slow fly by, very graceful for such a massive a/c, although no scale for comparison here

and she comes back into land. How amazing to see her, when she is the only one, with under 100 hours on the clock still...!

The new Texan taxies out

Rafale slow roll during it's display

Rafale coming in for a landing

The new M346, prototype 001, taxies for it's display

Super Constelation makes a crackly fly by, nice sight, sponsored by Breightling

US Navy F-18F Super Hornet taxies out, wings folded as if on a carrier

Ricardo Treyvan, Boeing test pilot, poses for the press cameras in the F-18F

F-18F unfolds it's wings as the classic Super Constellation lands. Old v New

The Super Connie taxies back in

F-18F Steep push down, speed brakes extended, lots of negative G...ouch

F-18F full weapons load and still very aerobatic

F-18F steep pull into the vertical

Su-27 Flanker climbs steeply into it's display, in a different colour scheme of the Russian Air Forces ...!

Su-27 display was awesome, so good to see this big jet chucked about the sky again

USAF F-16 taxies for display

F-16 steep climb

C-27J taxies for it's turn to fly

Typhoon put into a maximum rate, minimum radius turn

Italian Air Force Typhoon shows it's lines & power

Typhoon comes in to make a nice landing

The mighty C-17 of the USAF

C-17 is given some stick, very tight display for a big military transport jet



Dave Jefferys 2005