London Heathrow Airport, 26th Dec'07 ( early start again 0800 to 1300...!)

Having flown into LHR the evening before, and with what promised to be cold but sunny morning, the chance to avoid "shopping sales" and to go to LHR with the camera, couldn't be missed...! Oh, and a hot bacon butty was welcomed too. Cheers for the wake up call & lift LB...!

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HB-IOD A321 Swiss
Lovely light to warm the
camera up with...!

VT-EVB B747-400 Air India
Close up view, notice the
effects round the windows...!

C-GIUA B777-200LR Air Canada
One reason why we went,
our first "LR" now bagged

A9C-LH A340-300 Gulf Air
Beautiful Colours in beautiful morning sunlight

G-VWKD A340-600 Virgin
One of many -600 we saw
from Virgin, they do look

A6-EHH A340-600 Etihad
...but not as good as these...!
This one was delivered that week, and this was it's 2nd LHR visit

N..?.. B777-200 American
Close up to get the silver shine, but can't read the fleet number off of the nose wheel door...!

VT-JEC B777-300ER Jet Airways
The newest Indian carriers new toy, and it sure does look great...!

HS-TGX B747-400 Thai
This was us earlier in 2007, off to Bangkok.
((This ones dedicated to my
good Thai friend Prompong))


5B-DBT A330-200 Cyprus A/W
Regular visitor on Wednesdays & Sundays (well they have only got a few...!)

I-BIXV A321 Alitalia
Lee mentioned a new scheme for the
Italian carrier, however I didn't expect
it to be different by such a small amount...!


V8-RBT Royal Brunei
A colourful airline, that I've personally not seen in ages...!

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