A winters day visit to the Royal Navy base @ Yoevilton & Army Air Corps base @ Middle Wallop

0915 arrival at Yoevilton, Somerset, 2degrees but some great light....shame Sea Harriers were having the day off after night flying....

Sea King shooting the ILS

Nice and close, shame all the others that flew didn't come this close

A Navy Harrier T8 taxies for a conventional departure

It looked highly polished...! (T8 means trainer, 2 seats)

An RAF Hawk on loan to the R.Navy at the hold, look at the reflection...!

A Royal Navy Hawk holds for departure

The T8 returning for some vertical flying

The R. Navy Hawk returning
The only Sea Harrier we saw, being chained to the ground for full power engine runs

An RAF Hawk that popped in for a few hours turns for take off

1440 arrival at Middle Wallop, Wiltshire, about 3.5 degrees now (where are my shorts?!?!?) but close to sunset....

New Army trainer is the Squirrel, which replaces the Gazelle

A Lynx inbound to land, great light reflecting off of the a/c

A RAF Merlin visits

It's a great chopper, very agile for it's size

What we wanted to see, AH64D Apache, now in Army service at 3 bases

A fixed wing trainer, a Slingsby Firefly taxies in, close to dusk

An to finish off the day, an Apache arrives as the sun sets...



Dave Jefferys 2006