Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, 10th to 13th Nov'06

Viva Las Vegas...! Nellis is a huge base, a stones throw from Las Vegas. (as you'll see) We went for some of Friday practise, show days Saturday & Sunday, and some of departures & normal ops on Monday. The weather was strange, 4 seasons in 4 days, in Nevada, who'd believe it...?

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Friday Practise Day: Weather was hot, so shorts & Sun cream were the order of the day....!

00-4015 F22 Raptor USAF
First glimpse of a Nellis F22, what a heat haze...!

USAF Heritage Flight
F22 P51 & F16 awaiting the F15 to join them

USAF Heritage Flight
Superb - close, and every pass...

USAF Heritage Flight a different formation

00-0015 F22 Raptor USAF
Not a solo demo yet, but a role demo...still amazing to see it...!

USAF Thunderbirds
Aiming for different shots, we stood under the approach

USAF Thunderbirds
Great light on the pair during full practise.

USAF Thunderbirds
All 6 pulling out of a loop

Saturday Show Day: Overcast, very cold & windy, so fleece & coat..! (just a few one-off photos)

81-0036 F15 Eagle USAF
West Coast demo, scorches the runway on takeoff

00-4013 F22 Raptor USAF
Great long landing with nose held high

00-0013 F22 Raptor USAF
(more of this bird on Sunday)

00-4016 F22 Raptor USAF

60-0011 B52 USAF
Me getting to grips with an outrigger...!

166147 F18F US Navy
One of two that flew, one solo & other with the tail hook flight

Navy Legacy "Tail Hook" Flight
Skyraider, Bearcat, Sea Fury & F18F (naff weather, but the F18F was sick for Sunday!!!)

FA-86 F16 Belgian AF
This guy put the USAF F16 demo into the shadows for sure...!

80-0787 F117 USAF

USAF Thunderbirds 5 & 6
((note the "5" as he is the half of the pair who flies inverted))

USAF Thunderbirds
((now note the "5")) One of their "signature passes" where they optically link tails

USAF Thunderbirds
Great crossover catch, shame not a blue and sun filled sky

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