RAF Weston-on-the-Green, 25th June'06. Myself, Karen from work, Alan & Zoe Kenny, all visited Ask Kemp & his "Skydive Weston" club to make tandem parachute jumps. Why you ask? Just because we can....! What a superb experience. All 4 of us jumped the same time, and had an exhilarating plane ride to 13,000feet. I left my canon and big Sigma lens for Ash to play with in the drop zone, so thanks to him for the shots of all 4 of us coming down. Great memories, anyway, on with the photos:

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Alan enjoying his new outfit...! The jumpsuits are to save our own clothes getting ruined on landing...

...or any fasteners etc catching parachute lines. Myself & Karen trying to find the non-small sizes...!

Helps when you've un-zipped the legs first...!

Mrs Kenny can't escape the lovely blue & white outfits either...!

Alan, Zoe, Karen & me, not going to a fancy dress party, but trained and getting kitted up next

The mad 4 with our instructors and Alan's camera man, prior to boarding our one way flight...!

Up, up and away - next stop 13,000 feet in our Dornier G-92

From the ground, looking up seconds before we leave the a/c at 13,000feet, though shallow clouds

1st out the door & to come down was Alan...

...who looks like he had fun...!

Legs up for landing...

...and a huge grin for his video man, waiting to receive him

passing the spectators for a graceful touchdown

And they both walked away...!

YEEHAA - I've done it at last says Alan.

I'm second to come in, looking inflated with the wind up my trouser leg...!

Another turn, means we're heading for Ash & my camera...

...finals, gear down, flaps down...
...slowing nicely. Absolutely no "going around" from this approach

We'll land before we sweep Ash over I'm sure...I hoped..!

Me just a few feet from touchdown...all landings are butt first...

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