Re-Heat ! Some of my favourite shots that show the power of gas guzzling jet brutes!

RIAT'04 - USAF B-1 full power (it really hurt to get this shot)

RIAT'04 - USAF B-1 almost supersonic & making it's own weather

RIAT'04 - SwissAF F-18 maximum tight turn full power & making it's own weather too...!

Waddington'04 - RAF Typhoon Sunday display take off

Waddington'04 - RAF Typhoon Monday departure close up      (it really hurt again)

Waddington'04 - German AF F-4 Phantom on  departure Monday morning (RR engines...!)

Waddington'04 - Dutch AF F-16 also seen on departure Monday morning

Waddington'04 - German AF Tornado on departure Monday morning (Reheat close up...!)
Biggin Hill'04 - RAF Tornado F3 what a flypast (thank you LON Atc for forcing him to stay flat)

Farnborough'04 - Boeing F-18 Super Hornet giving out huge amounts of noise & power



Dave Jefferys 2005