Royal International Air Tattoo 2005, RAF Fairford, 13-18th Jul'05 (Sat & other days)

Wednesday 13th - Arrivals

1st proper arrival on the Wednesday morning, US Navy E-6

One of two German AF F-4 Phantoms taxies in

US Coast Guard C-130J Hercules, looking amazingly clean, about to shut down after their trip across the pond

This Royal Navy Merlin arrives wearing "tiger" markings

This USAF U-2 "Dragon Lady" spy plane arrived. It was one of four U2's to visit during the show week

The very rare Greek AF A-7 Corsair (or SLUF (you can work it out)) taxies in for the static, and us to refuel it...!

German AF A.310 arrives, very nicely (and newly??) painted

Polish AF Su-22 Fitter taxies in, very nice "Tiger" scheme

French Navy Atlantique arrives

This rare Greek F-4 Phantom was a very welcome sight, clean and specially painted

The "Phantom" on the tail is illuminating the Greece & all of it's surrounding island

These 3 Dutch AF AH-64 Apaches arrived, right at the end of the day
Thursday 14th - Arrivals & practises  (( still sorting these out...!))
Friday 15th - Arrivals & practises  (( still sorting these out...!))
Saturday 16th - Airshow (in between fuelling a/c...!)


Pitts Special (OK, heavily modified) from Turkey taxies in after his display


RAF Tornado GR4 arrives flat out with a topside pass

RAF Typhoon blast into it's display, crowd looking on

RAF Typhoon returning after a safe demo...!

USAF B-1b Lancer lines up...

...uses all of it's might to blast off


Swept wings, made this awesome flypast, just below the speed of sound...

...and pulled near vertical into the heavens, for a second this "halo" was formed, a vapour shockwave...!

RAF Jaguar, nice to see they used 2 differently painted a/c Sat & Sun

USAF B-52 the awesome 8 engined "Stratofortress" lined up ready to roll

B-52 "smoke on - go" departs

B52 - 8 engines screaming in harmony
Monday 18th - Departures (( still sorting these out...!))



Dave Jefferys 2005