Royal International Air Tattoo 2005, RAF Fairford, 13-18th Jul'05 (Sun Show)

RAF C-17 performs a short field take off

Spanish Air Force "Patrulla Aguila"

"Patrulla Aguila" display the colours of their nation flag

RAF Jaguar in the new anniversary colours for the home base of RAF Coltishall

RAF C-130J newest version of the Hercules makes a short field take off

The herc in a high speed fly past, all 6 blades on each prop clearly visible!

FRA Falcon 20's with 4 Royal Navy hawks

DHL B757 freighter arrives for it's display

Very nice slow speed fly past

high speed fly past into a steep climb out to end it's display

USAF East Coast demo-Team of the F-16

Some very high G pulls produced excellent condensation

As ever, the Honda dream team with Will Curtis were impeccable

Close up of Will in his Sukkoi Su-26

New world record, 12 ribbons limbo'd under

not a world record 12 ribbon cut whilst inverted, managed less than half but got very very low...!

Our new big chopper...! The RAF Merlin gave a great performance again

Royal Navy's last big Sea Harrier year, a 4 ship, before they are retired

pairs breaks...

...and a solo in the hover

Dutch Air Force AH-64 Apache in the loop firing flares. Awesome!!!

cracking display

2nd loop again firing flares

nice to see down draft going upwards through flare smoke trails...!

Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) "Scan Eagle" 4foot long, 10foot wide, hard to see it's first ever public display....!

RAF Typhoon climbing into it's display

Nice & safe display today

and a hard pull into the vertical with condensation clouds forming

The Red's flew on Sunday with 3 reconnaissance Spitfires for the first time ever

close up of the Spit's with some of the Red's

The 3 spits made a nice sound as they displayed on their own

Red's synchro' pair crossing...

...and even closer this 2nd time...!

A Purple Violet Pitts Special, heavily modified & all the way from Turkey...!

Show prize winner of the best UK participant, the RAF Chinook

Chinook landing

different shot, RAF Tornado F3 in it's own after burner heat haze

Dutch F-16 in new colours this year, still a great display

Topside view

USAF B1 - the mighty lancer blasts into the late afternoon shy



Dave Jefferys 2005