Special colour schemes, such as Tiger colours, seen over recent years !

German Tornado (2003)

Belgian F-16 tail (2003)

French Gazelle (2002)

Belgian F-16 tail (2002)
Next three pictures are scans from prints, so please forgive the quality (and the fact they are over 10years old !!)
Italian Starfighter (1994?)

French Mirage F1 (1994?)

Czech Hind (1996?)

The last public Vulcan display at a cold & dull Cranfield, started with two passes with the Red's (look how close they were)

Final solo pass showed "Farewell" in the bomb bay doors, with a huge wing waggle that was it, last display all over.

She landed to the "last post" music being played as she showed us her silk. There was not a dry eye in the airfield.

The crew and members of the press with "558". Public look on in disbelief. That was the last display! ((until 2006...!))



Dave Jefferys 2005