Cad West, near Dolgellau, Wales, 17 Jul'07
Before returning to the heat and dust of the UAE, myself and Lee made a trip from RIAT to Wales, to the famous Mach Loop low flying area. It's always hit and miss, as to if you will see anything, but it can be very rewarding...! We saw a few Hawks from RAF Valley, a lone F15E who didn't enter the loop, a lone C130 Hercules and a pair of brand new Hawk 100's from BAe pre-delivery to the Indian Air Force...!

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Just parked the car, starting the climb up the hillside of Cad west. This valley is the narrowest point

View down the to Tal-y-Llyn (the low fly loop is a 90 degree left round Corris Corner before the lake)

XX313 Hawk Dives into the valley

ZK121 Hawk from BAe on a test flight before going to the Indian Air Force

XV202 Hercules looking great at low level and being thrown about

XV202 Hercules close up

ZK125 Hawk - again such luck to see another destined for India..!

ZK125 close up (sorry again a little blurry)

XX185 Hawk climbing up to enter past us

Me on the top of Cad west in-between planes & showers...!

ZK121 Hawk returned in the afternoon for 2 more loops

XX311 Hawk diving downwards

XX350 Hawk

F15E USAF - the a/c didn't enter the valley we guess due to the visibility getting worse

Another heavy rain shower heading up the
valley towards us... time to quit...!

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