Al Ain Airshow, United Arab Emirates, 11th Jan'06 - My fav' shots from the first day of the show

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3x Su-31 "Air Bandits"
Jurgis joined by a pilot from New Zealand & JApan

3x Su-31 "Air Bandits"
Showing that the extreme Sukkoi can do close formation flying as well

Jurgis Kairys-Su-31 (Lithuania)
Another of the solo nutters, but a superb pilot

Jurgis Kairys-Su-31
Pulling 12G in this manoeuvre. Ouch...! 2nd last year in the aerobatics championships

Patrick Davidson Extra 300
(South Africa)
This guy is under 30 and already has full aerobatics display clearance

Patrick Davidson-Extra 300
Sinking his plane under a stall. Part of a group appearing under the "Team South Africa" title

UAE A/F Mirage M2000s
Another "box 4 formation" with two passes made, same as F-16s

UAE A/F Mirage M2000s
Again nice to see, shame no solo display like last year.

Stu Davidson-Stearman
(South Africa)
Father of the guy above, and wing walker pilot for Bernice Esther

L-29 Delphin-Sassol Tigers
(South Africa)
The southern hemispheres only civilian jet team

L-29 Delphin-Sassol Tigers
Nice graceful display in nicely painted old eastern block jets

L-29 Delphin-Sassol Tigers
Very close and very precise flying, in colours from the former Czech A/F 41st Sqn

John Mohr-Stearman (USA)
Waving during the lowest pass of the day, seconds before the left wheel touched the desert sand...!

L-39 Albatross Breightling Team (France)
Seen passing the early evening moon.....

Zlin 50 Mazda team (South Africa) "Zoom Zoom" nice little team, completing the "Team South Africa" group of participants

Zlin 50 Mazda team
Nice and tidy, but nothing very unusual for a duo team

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