Took my mate Tim to Bangkok, sights, sounds and smells to be experienced! Day 1 was a river trip, royal temple and palace, then back to the river (was cooler there with a breeze) !

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Just outside the hotel, the hustle and bustle hits you immediately...cross the street at your peril...!

One of the many river buses, a bargain at 16p for a trip up the river as far as you want one way...!

The new Hilton hotel besides the river

Everything goes up or down the river in Bangkok, These huge barges being towed upstream... a single small boat. How on earth it doesn't go bang, I'll never know...!

The reclining Buddha, in Wat Phao temple

Close up of the ornate detail on a roof...

...of a building in the grounds of the royal temple and palace, amazing

Gold roof's are a theme, in the grounds. Everything is immaculately presented, even the trees

Ornate is another theme. Look at the detail, each tiny square has been made and stuck on by hand...

...but without a zoom, you'll never notice all the detail...!

A monk pays his respects to a Buddha at a shrine

This is the Royal Palace where their King resides. Amazing looking building

It's very different to Buckingham Palace...!

This is the Rava VIII bridge, a very different type of suspension bridge with a single vertical support

A very heavily loaded barge train going down stream, again a single tiny tug in front

Was soon to be the Thai new year, so the guys were out practising in the royal barge

The river is disgusting, full of pollution and other stuff, but people live, wash and swim in it

Poverty along the banks, people live in here, how it will survive the first monsoon I'll never know

One of the many "long tail" speed boats, mad famous by Roger Moore as James Bond

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