Day two was a mini-bus trip, over 2.5hours, to the north of the country. We visited a cemetery, then the Bridge over the River Kwai, had a river raft trip, saw elephants & had a train ride...! Not bad for under 35.

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Kanchanaburi War Cemetery
Hope you can read the text, as it speaks for itself in my humble view

Over 6800 soldiers are buried here, and it's kept immaculate. British, Dutch and Australians side by side

Line upon line of graves, all there because of the demand to build a railway in WW2 from Burma (now Myanmar) to Siam (now Thailand)

In one area, fire crackers were being set off between the Australian graves to ward off any evil spirits

A close up of just one grave, no special reason, just spare a though for the family....

A Thai lady tends to the graves, one at a time, giving full respect to each soldier buried there, such amazing dedication

A very moving place to visit, I'll never forget it. One of thee cemeteries connected to the Death Railway

Tim on the Death Railway, at the entrance to the Bridge over the River Kwai.

Trains still pass here daily, pedestrians just move to the passing places as it's very narrow

Bare minimum in width to walk as you can see, not for those scared of heights or exposed drops into fast flowing rivers.....!!!!

Tim and his favourite pose mid bridge, shows how narrow it really is...!

For the record, the film was made in Sri Lanka, and the name is wrong, should be Kwae..!

View downstream, very wide river, huge task to have built this with the allies trying to bomb it and the Japs forcing the building

just so you can see how narrow it is for walking...the planks do flex as you walk down them.....

Me on a passing place, before we left the bridge. Glad we went there, makes you think of the suffering of so many... RIP

This is our engineless bamboo raft...! Tim - having second thoughts?

All aboard, hoping the tour guide doesn't cause the raft to tip over whilst he stands to take photos...!

So peaceful, floating down stream, lovely scenery. Buildings ahead are a floating hotel, as in monsoon season, the river rises over 10feet above present levels

This is our rudder if you like, the only guy with an oar! By the way, no Crocodiles in here, too strong a current for them. Phew...!

Here comes our next ride, for a trek into the jungle. Fossil fuel, nah, just some sugar beet...!

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